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Our main goal is to provide quality services to our clients and build a relationship that is deeper than that of client, consultant, and contractor.

Highway and Bridges

The firm has been working in the highway and bridge projects since its establishment. The firm has good experience of highway and bridge projects that scatter all over the nation. Firm has carried out the feasibility study, detail engineering survey, detail design, quantity and cost estimate, contract document preparation and detail report preparation of the road and bridge projects.

During the course of its operation, the firm has also gained experience on upgrading of the existing road, trekking trail improvement, junction improvement, road inventory works, geotechnical investigation works, bridge maintenance inspection, design of major maintenance works of bridge and surface distress index survey of roads.

Irrigation and River Training

We have been working in the Irrigation and River Training Works project. Our experts has the capacity of performing the project pre-feasibility study, feasibility study, detail designing, cost and quantity calculation and all other aspects related to these projects. During the course of time the firm has completed number of projects on small to medium irrigation projects and river training works. That has contributed in enhancing the know-how of our experts and has assisted in developing the site specific innovative techniques.

We have been using efficient analytical tools and latest design software for deliverables that address the issue of quality output and of standards as prevailing. ArcGIS, HEC RAS, HEC-GeoRAS, AutoCAD and standard design sheets are being proficiently used for the projects to produce standard output as per the requirement of client.

Water Supply and Sanitation

It is one of our fields of expertise and of keen interest. We have the capability of providing the consulting service on feasibility studies and detail study for water supply and sanitation projects. We have good experience of working in remote areas as well as for urban areas. We have developed our understanding on proper utilization of scare resource and has integrated this understanding in our approach for the project designing.

We have been providing the consulting services for water supply and sanitation system designs to GoN organizations as well as INGOs. During the course of time we have maintained pool of experts and associates to cater the consulting service in this field, capable of providing the requirement of its client on the basis of their know-how and site specific requirements.

Building and Interior Design

Building and Interior Design is one of the major areas that we have been working since our establishment. Versatility of this section ranges for private housing, schools, commercial building and complexes. As a service provider we provide architectural design, interior design, drawings, cost estimate and supervision works.

We have experts, who are trained in designing the earthquake resistant buildings, retrofitting of damaged buildings and rehabilitation projects. Our experts always ensure that every project meets the expectations of clients and users. We genuinely understand the importance of interior designing in this modern era and our experts are trained to execute the interior designing works for residential, commercial and corporate buildings to meet the upmost expectation of our clients.


Hydropower is one of the prominent sectors that we are working. We have been working with the highly motivated professionals engaged in hydropower development. We have been working with some private hydropower developers in project formulation, feasibility study, project economical study, environmental and social study.

Urban Planning

We are always focused on successful and sustainable urban planning concept. Which we believe is the integration of the numerous features for a particular site. A successful and sustainable urban planning addresses the concept of aesthetics as well as those of environment, public movement, infrastructure, and economical viability. We have focused on optimal use of land with essential supply services, local ecology protection, land protection, appropriate infrastructure and project cost.

We have served many clients in developing planning concepts and their effective implementation considering the project cost constrain. Our experts creativity and strategy has satisfied our clients in meeting their expectation.


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